Not a Startup-Incubator.
We build businesses.

Because 'why not' is a business plan

SCNTSTS is a starting point for two childhood friends developing businesses and products born out of their shared interests.

Add to that a passion for sports and technology and you will get ventures ranging from running events, edutainment film production, hospitality sound setups and a simplification methods for German tendering processes.

Who we are

Martin Schmitt (founder) works in intellectual property law. Prior to this path he worked as a music video director and photographer for over a decade. Failed degrees in philosophy, media arts & pre- and protohistory.

Benjamin Christian Koziczinski (founder) is an architectural designer and building physicist based in Berlin with additional failed degrees in philosophy, musicology and biophysics.

Our ventures

North Sea Ultra

111 km Ultra Marathon around the German Island of Sylt.


Fine Dining Acoustics


Immersive Audio



Fine Tea.
Where You fit in

Since our businesses are all developed, managed and executed in-house we are always looking for a wide ranging pool of talent. Backgrounds in product design but also interested in the role-out side of things? Great hit us up. You have talent for graphic design and are also interested in product development. Fine with us.

Whether you want to work with us at our Berlin premise or remote is generally up to you but sometimes dependent on your role in the organization.

Why don't You

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